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Becoming An Associate Partner

Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia
The Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia mobilizes strategic partnerships across the globe and seeks partnerships, from country to country while working with other streamlined individuals, community based organizations, civic organisations of various kinds, non-profits, corporate companies, sponsors, donors, grantors, and governments to join us in our efforts to provide awareness, advocacy, and relief directed to arriving at substantial solutions for persons living with or affected by sickle cell disease, sickle trait and their families.

We utilise our website which has been designed to provide superior connectivity across the globe through numerous social media platforms. We create a global connectivity of information and mobilise resources globaly towards creating a solid response to SCD. We value the work of our Associates and Warrior teams which include among others implementing the annual Blood Run Marathon which we are gradually building into a global marathon. GISA associates include; community based organizations, civic organizations of various kinds, non-profits, corporate companies, sponsors, donors, grantors, governments and hospitals (SCD clinics).
Our strategic associates include;

Peer to Peer SCD Clinics

– These help share knowledge and information resources which help SCD affected people to be equipped with knowledge and insights into Case Management, Testing and Screening, Counseling, and Caregiver guidance medical home assistance. This is done through our Peer Post page powered by the sickle cell clinics around the world which contribute their lessons in video and or audio whereof we share their peer posts to the world. In this way we all learn from each other.

Warrior Teams

– These are peripheral footprints of GISA at national level, they help deliver GISA mandate especially working around the implementation of projects such as the; Blood Run Marathon, Parliamentary Caucas, Relief Support, Donor and Sponsor mobilization, Liaison with government and private authorities relevant to promoting the campaigns related to sickle cell disease.

SCD Organizations, Corporate Organizations, Non-Profit and Civic Organizations

– We work with relatively all kinds of entities to create awareness, advocate for better approaches to sickle cell health services provision and provision of relief support to persons affected by sickle cell anemia. We welcome and work with an international network of community based organizations (CBOs), Non-Profit and For-Profit, Corporate and Non Governmental Organizations, as we are stronger together. If your organization is interested in being a GISA associate/strategic partner, please call our Associate Services Coordinators at +(256) 775 504 493 or email at and or fill the form below.
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Meet Olatunji Wamiri - Super Warrior
I have ventured into Wamiri SCF to advocate for people living with sickle, create more awareness and to help as many as we can whenever we are capable of.
Published by Olatunji Wamiri - 5/7/2020
Losing Omotoye Ajiboye in JSS 1 to Sickle Cell
Losing Omotoye Ajiboye in JSS 1 to Sickle Cell Disorder many years ago was devastating as a child. We attended same Primary and Secondary Schools.
Published by Oluwadaisi D. T. Olaseinde - 5/7/2020
Self-Advocacy in Sickle Cell Care
Today June 19th, we commemorate the World Sickle Cell Day across the globe as we Shine the Light on Sickle Cell Disease
Published by Sharifu K Tusuubira - 19/6/2020
Stroke in Children with Sickle Cell Disease at Age 5
Strokes are an occurrence one expects to see in older people, but in children with sickle cell disease (SCD), they occur most commonly at age 5.
Published by Stroke Center - 8/6/2020
Acute chest syndrome in children with sickle cell disease
Caused by infections and/or a blockage of blood flow to the chest and lungs, acute chest syndrome (ACS) is a complication in sickle cell patients that can...
Published by GISA News Anchor - 8/6/2020
Home care for children with sickle cell disease
Being in and out of hospital is one of the worst experiences parents of children with sickle cell suffer. However, parents should never tire from being in ho...
Published by Beatrice Nakibuuka - 8/6/2020
Leiya's Story
Sickle Cell Disease: Leiya's Story
Published by UCSF - 8/6/2020
Stem Cell Transplant
Stem Cell transplant for adult achieves treatment milestone in Canada
Published by Greg Harris - 8/6/2020
‘Adulting’ with sickle cell anemia
Transition clinics help young patients aging out of pediatric care
Published by Sandra Jordan - 8/6/2020
Sickle Cell Health Insurance
Experts advocate public health insurance for sickle cell patients
Published by Adaku Onyenucheya and Judith Muoneke - 8/6/2020
Growing With Sickle Cell Disease
Transitiong from Paediatric to Adult Care
Published by Kim Huston - 8/6/2020
New CRISPR Technology is a Ground Beaking Breakthrough for SCD
In A 1st, Doctors In U.S. Use CRISPR Tool To Treat Patient With Genetic Disorder
Published by Rob Stein - 6/6/2020
Battle of a Warrior
Holmes' Son Battles Sickle Cell Disease
Published by Barbara Barker - 6/6/2020
Sickle Cell Poll
Sickle Cell Poll Dispels Long Held Views
Published by Caribbean National Weekly - 6/6/2020
Conversations That Inspire
Conversations That Inspire Us to Think Differently
Published by Pfizer - 5/6/2020
Partnering to Uncover Sickle Cell
Partnering to Uncover Sickle Cell Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa
Published by Pfizer - 5/6/2020
A Reason to Fight
Sickle Cell Fighter has ‘Many Reasons to Smile’
Published by Carter BloodCare - 5/6/2020
Everyone with the sickle cell gene
Everyone with the sickle cell gene mutation descended from the same ancestor 7,300 years ago
Published by Sarah Wild - 5/6/2020
The SCD Burden
The burden of living with sickle cell anaemia
Published by Solomon Asaba - 5/6/2020
Coronavirus: 38-year-old SCD Warrior Lives To Tell Her Story!
Nora Molongwe, 38, had just returned from a trip to Bournemouth to receive the Inspiring Young People 2020 Award
Published by GISA News Anchor - 10/5/2020

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