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COVID19 Good Job Challenge

Develop and Promote the Implementation of Service Programs that Will be in the Best Interest of the Affected Population.

COVID19 Sickle Cell Experience

The Good Job Challenge is aimed to highlight how you have survived through the lockdown and COVID19 as a person infected or affected by sickle cell disease. Are you a patient, parent, guardian, or a well-wisher; we would like to get your story on how you have triumphed through the COVID19 pandemic challenges. In a five (5) minute video, recorded with your smart phone or any other device please share with us a video using the form below, we would like to hear your story, - How have you managed, what challenges have you faced? We will post your video on this website and on our youtube channel to help create awareness and advocacy for more attention to be directed to people affected by sickle cell disease. Alternatively email your video on email and along with your video attach your Name, Title of your Story, Name of patient if you are not the patient, we will run your story on all our platforms. - You Have Done a Good Job! Your video will be a great resource in creating awareness, and advocacy for sickle cell anemia. Thank you for your fight.

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The Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia
Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia Parliament Legislature Fund
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