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Meet Olatunji Wamiri - Super Warrior
I have ventured into Wamiri SCF to advocate for people living with sickle, create more awareness and to help as many as we can whenever we are capable of.
Published by Olatunji Wamiri - 5/7/2020
Losing Omotoye Ajiboye in JSS 1 to Sickle Cell
Losing Omotoye Ajiboye in JSS 1 to Sickle Cell Disorder many years ago was devastating as a child. We attended same Primary and Secondary Schools.
Published by Oluwadaisi D. T. Olaseinde - 5/7/2020
Self-Advocacy in Sickle Cell Care
Today June 19th, we commemorate the World Sickle Cell Day across the globe as we Shine the Light on Sickle Cell Disease
Published by Sharifu K Tusuubira - 19/6/2020
Stroke in Children with Sickle Cell Disease at Age 5
Strokes are an occurrence one expects to see in older people, but in children with sickle cell disease (SCD), they occur most commonly at age 5.
Published by Stroke Center - 8/6/2020
Acute chest syndrome in children with sickle cell disease
Caused by infections and/or a blockage of blood flow to the chest and lungs, acute chest syndrome (ACS) is a complication in sickle cell patients that can...
Published by GISA News Anchor - 8/6/2020
Home care for children with sickle cell disease
Being in and out of hospital is one of the worst experiences parents of children with sickle cell suffer. However, parents should never tire from being in ho...
Published by Beatrice Nakibuuka - 8/6/2020
Leiya's Story
Sickle Cell Disease: Leiya's Story
Published by UCSF - 8/6/2020
Stem Cell Transplant
Stem Cell transplant for adult achieves treatment milestone in Canada
Published by Greg Harris - 8/6/2020
‘Adulting’ with sickle cell anemia
Transition clinics help young patients aging out of pediatric care
Published by Sandra Jordan - 8/6/2020
Sickle Cell Health Insurance
Experts advocate public health insurance for sickle cell patients
Published by Adaku Onyenucheya and Judith Muoneke - 8/6/2020
In 2017, Rep. Danny Davis introduced the Sickle Cell Disease Research, Surveillance, Prevention, and Treatment Act, consequently; the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill on February 26, 2018 and further ratified by President Donald Trump. The sickle cell community of the United States of America celebrates the announcement of this legislative victory, we pick a leaf from this victory and desire to follow through to get other countries establish similar bills of law and steer them through to becoming Acts of Law.

With such provident milestones we can create a global race towards alleviation of the sickle cell status quo, but we need to work with our legislators to align with them and get to connect with the health committees of each and every country’s legislature around the world to work together and realize supporting laws to the mitigation of the sickle cells health status quo which is improvident.
The Legislature Fund is a global race towards alleviation of the sickle cell, your support to raising funds for the global sickle cell community helps us to support other sickle cell organizations...
Through the legislature fund, we mobilize financial resources to support the various ‘Warrior Teams’ in our jurisdiction and country footprint to startup the mobilization towards the realization of supporting law to facilitate sickle cell disease health facilities. Create a Warrior Team in your country today and embark on working with us to realize these efforts. Warrior Teams are tasked with a duty to reach out to their legislators such as senators, members of parliament and all sorts of legislators in their different titles to spark-up a campaign for the accommodation of sickle cell disease in the health service provision systems.

For such laws to be crafted, we need opinions and proposals from the cross section of SCD organizations, individuals infected or affected by sickle cell disease. That way we can come up with a private bill to regulate sickle cells management in all countries around the globe.
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