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GISA Mission & Vision

Capacitating Persons Living with Sickle Cell Disease to Live Normal and Healthy Lives Through Knowledge, Information, Financial Support and Research.

Mission & Vision

Sickle Cell Warrior Teams
Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia Mission
GISA Mission
To provide relief to persons living with sickle cell disease and their families by providing knowledge, information, financial support, and research.
Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia Vision
GISA Vision
We visualize a time when persons living with SCD will have the capacity to live normal lives while having multiple options to manage the sickle cell disorder.

SCD is most prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa, The Americas, Saudi Arabia, India and the Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece, Italy and South East Asia. SCD is highly prevalent in malaria endemic regions of the world and the greatest burden lies in Africa where the number of newborns affected by SCD are estimated to be more than 200,000 annually.

In Africa; SCD is associated with high rate of Childhood Mortality, 50-90% of African children with SCD die early in their childhood. Approximately 1000 babies are born with SCD in Africa every day and more than half of these die before they are five years old. The prevalence of SCD carriers across equatorial Africa is between 10% and 40% which results in an SCD prevalence of at least 2%. In parts of West and Central Africa, the prevalence of sickle cell trait is as high as 25%.

In parts of West and Central India, 20% of children born with SCD die before the age of two. In North America; people with the sickle cell trait are 2-3 million, while the prevalence of the sickle cell trait in Brazil alone is 1-2 million on the other hand; in Latin America, over 6000 SCD births are recorded and between 100,000 to 150,000 adults are affected by SCD. In the UK; between 12,500 to 15,000 people are affected by SCD whereas 4.2% of the total Saudi Arabian population are a carriers of the sickle cell trait and 0.26% is affected by SCD. In the United States; about 100,000 Americans mostly of African decent are affected by SCD.

As is it is, SCD is a disease that will impoverish any home and economic and brain drain even to nations. If SCD does not get a solution amongst the prevalence of sickle cell traits and with the SCD numbers continuously rising as the years go by; one can only imagine what will be in store for our future. Our very social structure will be broken, persons living with SCD might just be stigmatised or even worse still isolated. We do not want to arrive at such a moment. It is from that point that we seek your intervention and everyones intervention to come about and do all it takes to avert the prevalence of the sickle cell disease around the world. You can do this by getting involved, donating to this cause, telling a friend about us, sharing this page through our social link buttons on the bottom left of this page.

We want to deliver the following services to people living with sickle cell disease and their families.
  1. Establish a global SCD community powered by People, Participation and partnerships
  2. Provide relief aid to those with sickle cell disorders and their families.
  3. Establish SCD emergency response teams to help person with sickle cell disorders when they desperately need help.
  4. Create an active, global, and year round advocacy for SCD powered by SCD Communities and the internet of things.
  5. Create peer led learning platforms supported by sickle cell clinics, persons living with sickle cell disorders and their families around the world.
  6. Provide leadership on a national level through the establishment of 'Warrior Teams' to create awareness of the negative impact of sickle cell disease on the health, economic, social and educational wellbeing of the individual and his or her family and to create awareness of the requirements for resolutions by governments to enact laws and policies that facilitate the improvement of health service provision to person with SCD.
  7. Establish legislative, policy, and medical teams along with law makers and medical practitioners around the world to help create internal awareness among law makers about the ravages of SCD and thereby work with them to enact laws and policies that help build an SCD response infrastructure that will drive the world to a permanent solution to avert the prevalence of SCD and SCD related deaths.
  8. Prepare and distribute substantive educational materials, written and visual, and to conduct seminars and workshops about the sickle cell disease problem for all relevant segments of our society to include schools, among teenagers and in communities.
  9. Organize and/or participate in national, regional and international SCD educational conferences activities.
  10. Develop a global database of persons living with the sickle cell disorder and the sickle cell trait.
  11. Track sickle cell right from birth and make follow up to ensure that persons born with SCD live a long life.
  12. Establish a medical fund intended to upscale the medical capacity of doctors to respond to qualitatively respond to SCD disorders and upscale hospitals within nations to obtain the capacities to conduct bone marrow transplants.
  13. Develop and promote the implementation of service programs that will be in the best interest of the affected population.
  14. Develop positions and promote favorable resolution of issues and activities that could have an adverse effect on sickle cell programs or the affected population.
  15. Create a global SCD community that will assist with the organization and development of local GISA chapters.
  16. Provide ongoing technical assistance to members and other interested groups or organizations. and;
  17. Encourage adequate support for research activities leading to improved treatment and eventual cure for both modern and African herbal medicine.
Meet Olatunji Wamiri - Super Warrior
I have ventured into Wamiri SCF to advocate for people living with sickle, create more awareness and to help as many as we can whenever we are capable of.
Published by Olatunji Wamiri - 5/7/2020
Losing Omotoye Ajiboye in JSS 1 to Sickle Cell
Losing Omotoye Ajiboye in JSS 1 to Sickle Cell Disorder many years ago was devastating as a child. We attended same Primary and Secondary Schools.
Published by Oluwadaisi D. T. Olaseinde - 5/7/2020
Self-Advocacy in Sickle Cell Care
Today June 19th, we commemorate the World Sickle Cell Day across the globe as we Shine the Light on Sickle Cell Disease
Published by Sharifu K Tusuubira - 19/6/2020
Stroke in Children with Sickle Cell Disease at Age 5
Strokes are an occurrence one expects to see in older people, but in children with sickle cell disease (SCD), they occur most commonly at age 5.
Published by Stroke Center - 8/6/2020
Acute chest syndrome in children with sickle cell disease
Caused by infections and/or a blockage of blood flow to the chest and lungs, acute chest syndrome (ACS) is a complication in sickle cell patients that can...
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Home care for children with sickle cell disease
Being in and out of hospital is one of the worst experiences parents of children with sickle cell suffer. However, parents should never tire from being in ho...
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Leiya's Story
Sickle Cell Disease: Leiya's Story
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Stem Cell Transplant
Stem Cell transplant for adult achieves treatment milestone in Canada
Published by Greg Harris - 8/6/2020
‘Adulting’ with sickle cell anemia
Transition clinics help young patients aging out of pediatric care
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Sickle Cell Health Insurance
Experts advocate public health insurance for sickle cell patients
Published by Adaku Onyenucheya and Judith Muoneke - 8/6/2020
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