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Warrior Teams

To Organize and/or Participate in National, Regional and International SCD Educational Conferences Activities


Warrior Teams are our national foot print which together make up the global foot print of the Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia. Warrior Teams are self driven and qualified teams of people affected by SCD. These kinds of people do not have to be infected by SCD but must be people that are associated with SCD and have the "passion" to transform the arena for which SCD related impact is being currently implemented, we at GISA want to create a globally connected SCD community. A community that is responsive to one another and one that upholds the needs to Advocate, Create Awareness and most importantly provide or mobilize Relief Aid from a global source. Warrior Teams must abide by our inherent values of People, Participation and Partnerships, this trio of values is a great essential at all levels of implementation of GISA activities and must be upheld.

  • A warrior Team must be registered under the auspices of The Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia as a subsidiary and shall be privy to our terms and conditions which will be shared by us to any individual that wishes to start up a Warrior Team in their country.
  • It is relevant to note that every country may only have a single Warrior Team, except for situations where a country may have an exceptional situation which shall be determined exceptional by our team of strategic management experts at GISA.
  • The mandate of all Warrior Teams is privy to the mandate of GISA and this includes;
  1. Organising events and activities such as The Blood Run Marathon, Walk With The Warriors, and SCD Clinic Online broadcast Peer to Peers
  2. Sourcing Local Strategic Partners to GISA,
  3. Mobilizing Funding for Activities and Events
  4. Organizing Enterprise Startup Ecosystems and Innovation initiatives
  5. Mobilising a National SCD Parliamentary Caucas
  6. Looking into the Legal Environment and Identifying how it supports or constrains the SCD health support to help create a basis for advocacy.
  7. Mobilising Local SCD communities to share their 'distress' stories so as to drive awareness on SCD
  8. Establish local voluntary support/care giver groups
  9. Mobilize Volunteers at National Level
  10. Mobilize members who will register on this website either as individuals or as an organization
  11. Take part in organizing Local activities for World SCD Day
  12. Annually organize an SCD advocacy Month
  13. Annually organize an SCD awareness Week
  14. Take Part in the Annual SCD Convention organised by GISA
  15. Identify popular personalities of repute and work out mechanism to make them SCD Ambassadors
  16. Assist with Research, contribute, mobilise and share knowledge on solutions to SCD (i.e. Herbal and Modern Medicine)
  17. Ensure full engagement of people
  18. Ensure full participation by associated persons benchmarking the GISA website
  19. Ensure continuous sourcing for strategic value partnerships and sponsorships.
  20. Ensure continuous and frequent reporting on all transactions of the Warrior Team related to GISA goals as well as fund mobilization

People, Partnerships and Participation
The Warrior Team (WT) is a national network of patients, families, well wishers, and all people affected by SCD; looking to advocate, educate and help people living with or who are affected by sickle cell disease. We are also aware that there is immeasurable strength in numbers that SCD related organisation are providing and if an SCD related organisation so wills they may register with us as a Warrior Team that works with us thereby incorporating some of our projects into theirs particularly the Blood Run Marathon and Walk With a Warrior. Collectively, our goal is to ensure that those affected by sickle cell disease know that they are not alone and that we mobilize resources towards serving the SCD community better.

With the help from our national based Warrior Teams (both self established and through aligned organizations), we are creating a strong network that includes caregivers, clinicians, stakeholders and experts. The Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia (GISA) seeks to  increase its network to include more individuals that have the energy and drive to recruit others and increase advocacy and awareness within the sickle cell community!
Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia
The role of any Warrior team and its members include the following:

  1. Promote Awareness for the importance of finding an affordable cure to those suffering with Sickle Cell Disease
  2. Inspire community support by keeping the public informed of GISA programs, news and events
  3. Provide assistance in strengthening their local community which should be shared to strengthen the global SCD Community.
  4. Route valuable information to other networks dedicated to continuous medical, program, advocacy and research
  5. Educate other Advocates, patients and families on the importance of understanding the effects of Sickle Cell Disease
  6. Encourage legislative, community and corporate advocacy for those consumers and families affected by Sickle Cell Disease and;
  7. Raise funds and/or awareness to further the mission of GISA ’s national programs and efforts
  8. Develop awareness porgrams in local languages to help take SCD awareness to grassroots communities

For more information about how you can start a Warrior Team, please contact GISA Warrior Teams Services Advisor at warriorteams@gisicklecell.com
or call +256 758 613 107.
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