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Your Story

Tracking Sickle Cell Right from Birth and Make Follow up to Ensure that Persons Born with SCD Live a Long Life  through Care and Support.

Your Story

Your Story is greatly valuable as it not only helps transform another life but it also works to help create awareness  and advocacy for SCD and thereby draw in global attention to SCD. That is the power of your story, it is to this reason that we encourage you to share your story with us so we may share it with the world and let the world know the different and dynamically damaging episodes that SCD brings in the lives of people affected by SCD.
Your Sickle Cell Story is an advocate for better services leading to a permanent solution
Your Story is a valuable contribution to the global concerted effort towards a permanent solution to sickle cell disease. Your Story tells the experiences you have had to painfully undergo, to this we will request about 3 photos from you, your name, and or your SCD patients' name (if you are not the patient) along with your story.

We invite you to share Your Story here

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SCD PatientEmployer to a SCD affected Person
Guardian/Care Giver to a SCD PatientEmployer to a SCD Patient
Parent to a SCD PatientDoctor to a SCD Patient
Friend to a SCD PatientI know a Person affected by SCD

Your can either submit your story as a MS Word document or write Your Story in the "Your Story" field below *

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The Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia
Global Initiative for Sickle Cell Anemia Parliament Legislature Fund
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